troll skull and snakeMy name is Aviv Itzcovitz, I am an Israeli illustrator. If you would like to see more from me you can check out my online portfolio – here.

This website is the home of my current ongoing graphic novel, Stupid Snake. It is wordless, so hopefully everyone can understand whats going on. However, keep in mind that it is read from left to right, as in English, which is the language I will use for this website.

The premise:

Strange, lonely characters keep bumping into one another under various of bizarre circumstances: A troll under a bridge; a peculiar, desperate man; a mutated pterodactyl; the one-eyed hunter that killed his lover; an old fisherman and his lovely daughter; the drunken bum who falls for her; one mysterious dwarf and his riding-duck. Unbeknownst to any of these lost souls they’re all connected by the same common denominator – the Stupid Snake: an odd, reclusive creature in possession of godlike powers… but also ordinary stupidity.